Denise Whitley, LDR ProSolutions, LLC

Development Coordinator

I am a native of New Jersey who fell in love with Arizona 7 years ago. Having spent most of my career in Music Education, I honestly never thought about Grant Writing or Program Development. Then, in 2015, a position became available at the Yarnell Fire District as a Grants, Recruitment and Retention Coordinator. To my surprise, I was selected for the position. This began my journey in the world of fundraising, proposal management and program development. I found a gift I didn’t know I possessed. There is always room for improvement and learning, but it seems to be a niche for my skill set and passions. Early in 2018, I incorporated LDR ProSolutions, LLC and began my Grants Consulting business. I am thrilled to have several clients, including the Yarnell Regional Community Center!  The Center’s mission is exemplary and highly valued in the Greater Yarnell area. I look forward to the work we will accomplish as a team.    

My life is happy and healthy, especially as a grandmother! Grandchildren really tug at the heart strings. I still enjoy performing music, directing the Yarnell Community Presbyterian Church Choir and teaching music at Model Creek School.    

For helping organizations succeed in creating maximum impact, my motto is the C.H.I.P.S. Principle® - Collaboration, Humanity, Impact, Progress and Sustainability, the five ingredients for a successful program, fundraising and grant proposals. I’ve enjoyed our local fundraising events, and have assisted in planning and locally coordinated the Yarnell Memorial Run since 2015.    

Here’s to the success of the YRCC as we continue serving our community.