Monetary donations to the YRCC may be made in several ways that  suit your needs and budget. Monetary gifts go into the YRCC general fund to be used freely to fund programs and services, building repairs, equipment replacement, and other needs. You may also specify how you would like to see your donation used (for example, if you would like to support a certain YRCC activity such as the Meals on Wheels program). There are several useful methods for you to make an impact within the Yarnell region. Donations can be made either electronically, or by check. Donations can be deducted from your bank account or credit card via PayPal.  Automatic electronic deductions can be cancelled at any time through your PayPal account.

Annual Giving

Once a year you will receive a written reminder notice to donate  to the YRCC with suggested donation levels and a copy of the YRCC's  Annual Report. Upon receipt of your donation, the YRCC will send a personalized thank you and receipt acknowledging your donation. Unless otherwise noted these items will be emailed to you.

Monthly Giving

You can distribute your donation over the course of the year by  subscribing to hassle free automatic donations to the YRCC through  PayPal. Simply indicate your preferences: the dollar amount and time frame on the YRCC donation form. At the end of the year the YRCC will send you a personalized thank you and receipt acknowledging your donation, along with a copy of the Annual Report. Unless otherwise noted these items will be emailed to you.

If you prefer to mail a check. Make checks payable to and mail to:
Yarnell Regional Community Center
P.O. Box 641
Yarnell, Arizona 85362


Sponsorships support a specific YRCC activity or event. Examples of sponsorship opportunities include, but are not limited to:

. Funding the YRCC monthly newsletter for $60.00 a month.
. Underwriting the monthly community calendar.
. Sponsoring one of our fundraising events, our signature fundraising event, or a specific event held during the fair.

Sponsors not only receive a personalized thank you letter and receipt for their donation, but are recognized on the YRCC's website, in the monthly newsletter, and the YRCC Annual Report. Event sponsors are invited to display banners or other suitable signage at the event.

*** Sponsors may remain anonymous, and identification of sponsors will not be made without permission.

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